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Human Hamster Ball & Zorb Rentals

Zorbs – otherwise known as a Human Hamster Ball.  It’s simple, you get inside of a 10ft diameter air cushioned sphere and run around until you just can’t go any longer.  Zorbs will wear you out!!  If you have a nice grass area to play on then we’ll just bring the Zorbs, if not we can bring a Dual Lane 75 ft CrissCross Race Track to contain and protect the Zorbs.  Of course you can have the race track on grass too!  Zorbing is awesome for adults as well.472631_605523959458246_373834694_o

Zorbs (Human Hamster Ball) are a great add on to a Climbing Wall Rental or as a stand alone rental.  Rates start at $500 as an add-on.

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